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Year-round Outdoor Entertaining with Isospan Insulated Roofing Panels

Quick and easy assembly makes a Isospan® addition to your home a walk in the park.
No dust, no debris with this insulated roofing extension or addition that creates a seamless indoor-outdoor flow.
Indoor-Outdoor flow
The sleek modern architecture of the insulated roofing panels effectively displace large volumes of water. The roofing has a trapezoidal rib, wide pans and a guttering system designed to drain water quickly.
Watertight in even the worst downpour
Isospan® is the answer to any outdoor project, from patios, decks, verandas and a favorite spot in the garden to car and boat ports or even a granny flat!
Ceiling finishes are smoothly understated, complement any outdoor area, and can be inset with cost-saving LED downlights for night-time entertaining.
Day or Night
Isospan® has two layers of steel laminated to a polystyrene core that provide high-performance, strength and durability.
Look no further than Awning Warehouse for the astonishing insulated roof solution.
Awning Warehouse
Durability – a 10-year warranty gives credence to the longevity of your investment.