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Why Domed Awnings Are so Appealing

Domed awnings are regal-looking and visually classically appealing.
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They can be custom-made to suit any application, be it a private residence, the entrance to a hotel or an outdoor restaurant and pub patio area.
Domed awnings can be manufactured from imported colour-dyed canvas or polycarbonate sheeting
They enhance any building and add a “touch of class” to windows, doorways and outdoor patios.
One of the many benefits of a domed awning is that it is easy to maintain, needing a hose down with clean water to keep it in top condition.
Domed awnings deflect 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays while still allowing natural light to filter through.
Polycarbonate boards are resilient, offering great impact-resistance to all types of weather conditions.
Domed awnings can be tailored to meet all outdoor entertainment coverage requirements.
Polycarbonate domes are available in a range of colours including aluminium, clear, white and bronze-tinted acrylic boards. Canvas domes can be dyed to suit customer requirements.