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Wasp Removal Cost

Aakash Singh
If you have noticed a wasp nest near your house, it is important to get it removed. Wasp removal cost is negligible, if you want your family to be protected against these stinging bugs.
The site of a swarm of wasps in your courtyard or your garden may not be a good picture for you. There is a possibility that they may attack you and your family. A wasp sting can be fatal and can cause tremendous pain too.
For removal of their nest, you may want to hire a professional team who would be able to do this job for you. The cost for this will differ from agency to agency. Let us find out more about these stinging bugs and the cost applicable to remove them.

Why are Wasps Dangerous?

There are numerous species of wasps. They look like bees, and are mostly black and yellow in color. Unlike bees though, they do not have barbs on their stings, hence when they get angry or when they are provoked, they may sting repeatedly. Wasp stings have been found out to be very painful and unpleasant.
After being bitten by this insect, the area of the bite may swell and become red and itchy. If they bite is around the neck or mouth, it may even make it difficult for you to breathe. There are few fatal varieties of wasps that have the ability to kill a person with their sting.
Wasps become active towards the end of summer as they have to search for food. For this reason, a nest of these insects near your house should be a matter of serious concern for you.

How Much Does Wasp Removal Cost?

You can get wasp control spray cans to get rid of them. These are used as repellents, and their prices differ from brand to brand. However, their average approximate price is about USD 20-35. And if you want to get an insecticide, it can cost you about USD 30-300. They may be either in liquid or powdered form.
If you want to get it done by professional pest controllers, then there will be a fee applicable, that few may find reasonable. Plus, it will ensure some reliable work as compared to doing it yourself.
Your local environment councils may also charge you lesser than the private services. These private services may charge your approximately USD 100-1000, whereas local councils may charge you anywhere between USD 200-600.

DIY Wasp Removal

There are many ways you can get rid of wasps. But then, the best of all is to get professional help. If you want to save on wasp nest removal cost and do not want to summon a professional agency, then you can try a few tricks at home. The first one is to find out their nest and destroy them. And second one is to make use of poison bait.
The first method can be very risky, as there is a huge chance of you getting stung by them. It is best to make use of a beekeeper's suit if possible, to avoid being stung. If it is not possible for you to get one, then make sure that you wear multiple layers of clothes and cover each and every part of your body.
Lock the doors and windows of your house and secure all your family members inside. Once you have located the nest, carefully transfer it into a huge box or any sealed container. It may require another person to help you do so.
Once you have got the nest in the box, you can either dump it or throw it in a river or pond. Wasps are most active during day time, so you may want to do it in the evening, but it can be more risky then due to poor visibility.
The second method of wasp removal is relatively simpler and also more effective. The positives of a poison bait wasp trap is that you may not require to hunt for the nest, but at the same time, you will be able to destroy it. This is done with the help of foraging wasps that will carry the poison to their nests and get rid of all of them.
Remember that wasp removal is not like any other ordinary task. It can be dangerous and it involves various risks too. However, the pointers mentioned here will ensure your safety.