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Tips to Buy a Portable Washing Machine

A portable washing machine can be a very handy gadget to have in a small apartment, or if you are constantly on the move. Here are some tips for choosing one.
Rita Putatunda
If you are constantly on the move, doing the laundry can be a real hassle. If you happen to live in a building that has no hookups for a washer and dryer, or your apartment is very small, you must be sick of lugging your laundry up and down to use the common washers and dryers.
Worse is hauling it to the Laundromat, and having to scrounge for coins, just to get your clothes washed. In such cases, a portable washing machine can be a great option, which will work in your condo or apartment even in the absence of a hookup.
Apart from reducing this back and forth misery, a washing machine is also great for your in-between laundry. For instance, you can wash your daily wear clothes such as underwear, shorts, T-shirts, tank tops, as well as delicate clothes. It is also great for washing baby clothes. Let's take a look into some points, if you are thinking of buying one.

The Portability of the Machine

Portable washing machines, being small, are very easy to store away when not required, and rolled out on their casters when they need to be used. They are also equipped with a faucet adapter, so you can hook them up to any kitchen faucet.

Check the Washing Method

This home appliance is available with two main washing methods: pulsator and agitator. Pulsator washing means that the water is pulsed through the clothes, hence being gentler on them. Your delicate clothes will last longer this way. A machine with agitator washing is similar to the regular top-loading ones. It washes clothes by rotating them to-and-fro.

Single or Twin Tub

As the name suggests, twin tub washers come with a separate tub for the spin-drying process. This enables the machine to spin dry at much higher speeds, which makes drying more effective, compared to single tub drying.

Check the Controls and Wash Cycles

While some machines offer a number of wash cycle options, others have only one or two. Similarly, while some come with digital controls, soft touch buttons, and LED display, others may just have a knob for manual control. The units that have digitized control also usually have a timer.

The Consumption of Water

Some portable machines consume more water compared to their capacity. Therefore, while shopping for one, ask for a unit that consumes less water, which will help save both, money as well as the environment.

Take into Consideration the Size

Having less capacity compared to full-size models, portable washers would be an ideal choice in a small apartment. They are suitable if you are just on your own, or living with just another person. However, if it is a large-sized family, it just may not be worth the effort.

Think about the Drying Options

Of course, one of the simplest ways to dry your clothes is to hang them on a drying rack. However, if the time taken to air-dry the clothes is not feasible for you, then you might look at purchasing a portable washer-cum-dryer combo.
Since, in these models the clothes are both washed and dried, you will not need to transfer the clothes from one machine to another. They are available in the price range of around $800-$2000
Carry out a thorough research. There are plenty of websites out there; you can compare the features as well as prices of various models. Read consumer reviews and ratings. You can get more insight, which written matter may not be able to give you, by going to appliance stores, and talking to the sales representatives.