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Shade Sails Can Create Appealing Outdoor Areas

Shade sails can be buckled and bent, stretched or overlaid, to create eye-catching shady outdoor areas.
360 Degree Pro

This budget-friendly option can be professionally installed, and is also available in DIY kits.
Different Shapes and Sizes

There is nothing “square” about shade sails! They are also available in rectangle and triangle shapes.
Plan Ahead

Map out the outdoor area in need of shade and let your creative juices flow– using square, rectangle and triangle shapes to add depth and character to your chosen outdoor entertainment spot.
Style and Pizazz
Cost-effective shade sails are available in two colour palettes – Charcoal and Desert Sand. By overlapping the two colours with different shaped material you can add style and pizazz to your outdoor living area.
Shade Sails
Quality Protection

Don’t be fooled into believing that shade sails are flimsy. They are manufactured from a knitted fabric that is durable and UV resistant. Shade sails are also impact-resistant to fading, mould and rot.
High Temperatures

This quality fabric will effectively shade your valuables from the high temperatures often experienced during the South African summer months. They cope with high winds and are easy to maintain, needing only a regular hose down.