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Ready Mix Concrete Price

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This information will give you an insight into the prices of ready mix concrete. It depends on the total area of the project, and the grade of cement that is used in its making.
Ordering and using ready mix concrete is a tough task, not to mention the efforts put in to complete the project. Now the cost of mix concrete depends upon countless variants. Hence, estimates of some of the costs have been provided, but there are a lot of things that you will have to research about.

Ready Mix Types

There are two types of ready mix concretes, namely the ones that come in small packs of sacks, and ones that are delivered by transit mixers. The ones that come in small packs are relatively easy to use, and have simple household purposes such as touching up a wall, finishing the flooring, making a small patio, shed, etc.
The volume of cement required is considerably less. Mixing and using this is fairly easy, and in cases where you feel the need to add gravel, you will find that the proportions are mentioned in the instruction manual.
The small, packed concrete is usually cement concrete, and is used along with sand and gravel. The two usual portions are 1:1:2 and 1:3:6 (cement, sand, and gravel), the first one being of a higher grade. Such concrete is quite cheap, and will cost you about $30 to $125 per pack.
Note that you will have to add gravel and sand on your own, and keep a tab on the time before the mortar starts drying up. Note that apart from the actual price, you will also have to pay for some additional costs for the gravel.
The second type is the ready-mixed one that comes as a mortar (cement+sand+gravel) to your place in a transit mixer truck. In cases where the concrete is of a mammoth volume, you will have order it from a regular supplier who would be ready to supply the whole thing in a transit mixer.

Ordering Ready Mix Concrete

In cases where you will be ordering such enormous volumes of concrete, you will have to consult someone regarding the type of concrete that you'd be using. The grade of concrete and other variable specifications will depend upon the use. Your supplier may tell you about the grade and variant of the concrete that you would require.
If you are planning upon building a structure, such as a slab, a pillar, or even stairs, you would require a very high-grade of concrete, and also reinforcement molds and metal frames (RCC construction structures). However, if you're planning upon building a patio, porch, or any floor, simple cement concrete will also do the trick.
Now, decide the volume of concrete that you are going to need. Simple volume cautions should be helpful. Research all the costs that you can possibly incur. The national average price of ready mix concrete is $108 per cubic yard. You will have to grade the land where you will be directly pouring the concrete, costing about $8 to $18 per square foot.
Apart from that, in cases where you are sub-basing it with gravel and sand, you will have to invest about $12 per cubic yard. Casting and reinforcement will be about $2-3 per square foot. This preparation process is tiresome. After the area is ready, start finalizing your purchase order. 
The price per yard is depicted on all the websites of suppliers, or you can send a mail in order to get a proper quotation, as the transportation cost matters a lot. Several websites have a separate price calculator which will not only tell you the volume of cement, but also the recommended grades, proportions, and reinforcement grades.
In some cases, where a flat surface is to be covered with concrete, you will need to express the prices per cubic meter.
Make sure that you complete the groundwork, such as the mold and reinforcement grid, before you order. The suppliers of this kind of cement usually work on a very punctual schedule. It is also advisable for you to hire some good help on the actual day of delivery, as quickly laying down a huge volume of concrete, in a short time, is a difficult task.