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Polycarbonate Carports and Other Uses

Say goodbye to shade cloth and hello to polycarbonate!
This malleable, impact-resistant plastic polymer product gives years of low maintenance service.
Impact resistant
Throw away dirty, faded, sagging shade cloth and replace with polycarbonate roof sheeting to protect your vehicle.
In with Polycarbonate
Deflect UV
It has proven light transmission qualities while simultaneously deflecting harmful UV rays.
High temperatures
Because it tolerates high temperatures, polycarbonate is becoming an increasingly popular product for many outdoor lifestyle improvements.
Patio Lifestyle
Apart from carports, polycarbonate sheets provide the perfect shade solution for a variety of outdoor uses during hot summer months.
This plastic polymer tolerates high temperatures, is impact-resistant and has inbuilt light transmission qualities.
It naturally lends itself to applications such as window and doorway awnings, carport roofing, poolside gazebo cladding and patio and deck covering.
Your one-stop awnings  shop!
This plastic polymer is ideal for use by DIY enthusiasts because it is lightweight and malleable.