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Polycarbonate Awnings are Growing in Popularity

There are many reasons why Polycarbonate awnings are growing in popularity.
360 Degree Pro
Thermal Properties

Many business and homeowners prefer Polycarbonate awnings because of their thermal properties.
Strong and Durable

An extremely strong and durable thermoplastic, Polycarbonate is engineered to combat high temperatures.
Polycarbonate Awnings
Heat Deflector

Its impact resistance to heat makes it the perfect choice to shade doorways, windows and balconies from strong summer sun rays.
Let There Be Light

An extremely durable thermoplastic, Polycarbonate is an engineered optically transparent material that offers fantastic light transmission qualities.

A Polycarbonate awning is an attractive DIY shade and rain protection solution.
Fabulous Benefits

Polycarbonate offers many fabulous benefits compared to glass, being doubly strong and 50% lighter.
Colour Range

Polycarbonate awnings can be produced in a variety of colours such as transparent, bronze-tinted or white.
Come Rain or Come Shine

A Polycarbonate awning is perfect for all weather conditions, come rain or come shine – it's resistant to high and cold temperatures, allows natural light to filter through, and is very extremely durable, resisting everyday wear-and-tear.