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Multiwall Acrylic Awnings

Multiwall acrylic awnings offer high impact resistance in extreme weather conditions.
The translucence of these Multiwall polycarbonate acrylic awnings ensures quality light transmission.
While light can penetrate the awning, the material is such that harmful UV rays are blocked.
UV Rays
Plastic polymer threads make polycarbonate acrylic awnings durable and scratch-resistant.
The impact resistance qualities of a Multiwall awning ensures that even on the hottest day, UV rays associated with high temperatures cannot cause damage to interior furnishings.
Acrylic awnings are available in 700mm, 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm depths. They can be joined together to provide shelter for larger outdoor areas.
Easy to install, acrylic awnings are a perfect DIY enthusiast project.
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Acrylic awnings offer an affordable and elegant awning solution.
The awnings have a three-year warranty that covers repair and replacement for material and workmanship defects.