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How I Provided Exterior Painting to My New Home

Recently, I became the owner of a big private house. Before that, I rented an apartment, for which I had to pay rent. Now I have moved to my new home, but in fact it is not new, I inherited it.
Andrew Izot
The move has its advantages and disadvantages. First of all, what pushed me away, and what, in principle, was a drawback that cannot be overlooked, is the appearance of the house.
Exterior painting has probably not been performed since the house was built.
In fact, the house is in good condition, but outwardly it looks repulsive, as in many places, it was visible how the paint peeled off.
My first impression was also negative. I was upset when I saw the house in a deplorable state. But when I went inside, I realized that the house is not so bad and after remodeling.
It is quite possible to live comfortably in it. I decided to carry out exterior painting so that I myself could enjoy living in my new-old house, and the neighbors made a positive impression about me.
I wanted to do everything professionally, so I searched on Google for exterior painting. 
contractors near me
And chose those who had positive reviews and who offered me a good warranty for painting.
As I noticed exterior paint contractors near me is a bright idea to do this work.
Of course, I could try to paint my house myself, but when the performers came they completed a series of preparatory work, which I did not even know about.
If I did all this myself, I would have missed some steps. For example, I was surprised by the power washing stage which is necessary for exterior painting, but which I could not know for sure and which I myself would not have performed in any way.
It is noteworthy that I did the selection of colors myself.
Contractors fulfilled all my requirements, took into account the wishes that I had. The house shone with colors, now it looks much more attractive and I am very happy with the view that my house now has.