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How I Changed An Old Basement Into A Real Man Cave

After I inherited a private house and moved there from a rented apartment, I started to improve it. One of my first steps was home exterior painting, because my home looked very poor.
Andrew Izot
I did not want to stop at this point and decided to pay attention not only to the appearance of the house, but also to the comfort. It might be rational to do home remodeling in the first place.
I look at my new home and understand that remodeling needs to be done and it is preferable to take professional services.
I decided to start from the basement, because the basement was in a worse condition. I attended the gym in the city regularly. When I saw my basement, I realized that I can no longer pay for the gym membership, because it is quite realistic to make a gym in the basement.
Of course, I myself could bring some kind of harmony in the basement, but it turned out to be very difficult to change it to a gym. 
I took professional basement finishing services.
Basement Finishing
I relied on experts those who know the craft and know how to perform professionally. I expressed all my preferences in terms of changing the basement to a man cave and use it as a gym.
As it turned out, all this is quite real and it is possible to implement my idea at reasonable terms.
Indeed, I did not have to wait long when a gym appeared on the site of the old littered rubbish and the old worn-out things of the basement.
It was not just basement finishing,  transformation of the basement into a beautiful and comfortable gym made for me.
I invested in basement finishing, but at the same time I saved on gym membership card, going to the gym, and moreover, I ensured comfort. Now I can do sports even at night, in the early morning,  I can go down to my basement and enjoy life.
Of course, when I do home remodeling I will invite friends, but so far the house is not in a condition to invite someone. Remodeling needs time and money. Although I plan to carry out high-quality remodeling of the house and raise its value, as well as improve the living conditions in this house.
I am pleased that I was able to provide myself with such a motivator as a gym in the basement. It inspires me and encourages me to improve my home further.
Now I spend all my free time in my finished basement.
This provokes me to go in for sports more, because when I had a gym membership, I was lazy, and missed attendance, but now I go in for sports every day in my so-called man cave.
I am starting to enjoy living in my private home. Every day, living in the house, I like it more and more.
A quiet, comfortable and more spacious house gives me many advantages. I am passionate about improving it and implementing my ideas.