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Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance

Medha Godbole
Maintaining a hot tub is extremely essential to ensure that it can be used safely for a long time. Keeping the filter clean, changing the water timely, sanitizing the tub, etc., are some ways in which you can maintain your hot tub.
Be it a spa or your home sweet home, hot tub maintenance is inevitable. But what are the factors that need to be considered while undertaking tub maintenance? Let's take a look.

Hot Tub Care and Maintenance

The Water

Warm water, if not treated and stored properly, can breed microorganisms. The water has to be changed every 60 to 90 days, depending on the usage.

Changing Filters and Cleaning the Tub

Before filling fresh water into the tub, remove the filter and put a chemical plumbing flushing agent to clean out the bacteria.
Then drain the water and clean the interior of the tub with a non foaming surface cleaner. Follow that by cleaning the filter prior to putting it back in its place. Replace the filter if it is old and then refill the tub.

Sane Sanitizing

Chlorine and Bromine are usually used for sanitizing. Bromine levels ideally need to be 3-6mg/l. Bromine is available in tablet form while Chlorine is available in granular form which helps it dissolve quickly in hot tubs. Chlorine has to be in the range of 3-5mg/l.


Oxidizing the hot tub is good for monthly treatment of the tub with non chlorine shock. Odor of perspiration, cosmetics, body oils, and other odors are gotten rid off by this treatment.

Check the Acid and Alkali Level

The acid and alkali level of the water has to be checked as well. It is done with the help of chemical additives. Along with that, you can use a clarifier for keeping the water crystal clear.

Tips for Hot Tub Maintenance

~ Check the filter and keep it clean every single day.
~ Get a cover for the hot tub.
~ Avoid mixing chemicals for your own safety, and measure their amount properly before using.
~ Be extra careful while handling the chemicals.
~ Use your spa often.
These were some of the things you have to do for hot tub maintenance. Moreover, the maintenance cost is not outrageous, so that should not be a concern.