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Homemade Hardwood Floor Polish

Mamta Mule
If you are planning to work on a hardwood floor maintenance project, then here are some homemade hardwood floor polish recipes which can help you in this task. These offer cheaper alternatives to commercial polish, and are much easier to make. So, read the recipes and try out the one that you find the best.
Hardwood floors, spanning the entire area of your house, look simply great. While you have expensive hardwoods installed in your rooms, keeping them well-maintained is an arduous, but essential task. This will make sure that the floor stays in a good condition and its elegant look lasts longer.
Polishing your hardwood floors is an important part of floor maintenance. While you clean the floor surface regularly, it might lose its glossy and smooth finish and start looking dull over time.

So, polishing it at regular intervals is essential. Well, you might think twice before buying a commercial polish which contains chemicals and toxic solvents, right?
Then, how about using a homemade hardwood floor polish? You would agree that it is definitely a good option as compared to expensive commercial polishes.

Recipes to make the polish:

Polish # 1

Take beeswax and Carnauba wax in equal quantity (2 tbsp each). Transfer both of them in a bowl and place the bowl in a saucepan filled with water. The water level must not be more than half the height of the bowl which contains wax.
Turn on the heat and keep it on medium flame. Keep stirring the wax and keep the flame on till the wax melts well. You can keep stirring as the wax starts melting, to mix them well.

Once both the wax melt, add 4 tbsp of mineral oil to the bowl, stirring well at the same time and then turn off the heat.
Take the bowl out and keep it aside. Now this mixture needs to be transferred into a blender, to make it smooth and ready for use.

Polish # 2

Here's another homemade polish recipe for your floors. Take 1 tbsp of water, 1 lemon and 1 tbsp of olive oil for making natural polish. Start preparing the polish by squeezing lemon into a bowl. Now, strain the lemon juice so that its pulp and seeds are removed and you have clear juice to use.
Transfer this lemon juice into an airtight bottle. Add water and olive oil to the lemon juice and close the lid. Shake the bottle for some time so that all the ingredients mix up well. The polish is ready and you can use it on your hardwood floors using a microfiber cloth.

Polish # 3

To make this polish, you will need beeswax, turpentine, and a measuring cup. Start by transferring 3 tbsp of beeswax in a heating bowl and then place this bowl in a half-filled pan of water. Now, turn on the heat and let the beeswax melt completely.
Once it is melted, turn off the heat and remove the bowl from the water. Add ¼ cup of turpentine to the melted beeswax.

Keep stirring while you add turpentine. You can also add about 2 drops of your favorite essential oils, like lavender or lemon at the same time.
Once you have mixed it well, transfer it into a bottle and tightly close the lid. Apply this polish using a floor polisher or a microfiber cloth on the flooring and leave it for 12-20 hours.

Polish # 4

Apart from the aforementioned recipes, there are a few natural oils which can be used directly as ultimate floor polishes. The first option which you can consider is the Tung oil, which is popularly used as a floor polish. Unlike other commonly used natural oils, this one dries faster.
You can also opt to use linseed oil, which is not only a great pick for polishing hardwood floors, but also a commonly used oil for polishing wooden furniture items. Linseed oil takes longer for drying and hence, you must apply it in minimal amount so that the flooring does not stay wet for longer duration.
Polish the floor once in 3-4 months, or when you feel that they are looking dull. Make sure that you use the right tools for polishing it. You can also check the polish reviews to know about some good commercial products to keep hardwood floors looking great. Pick the best and get set to give a refreshed look to the interior flooring.