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Information about High-efficiency Furnace

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In today's competitive world, efficiency is all that matters. So why not have a high-efficiency furnace too? But before buying one, make sure you know its specifications well. Continue reading this to know more about this type of furnace.
The superiority of anything depends upon its efficiency, which is highly in demand today. Consider the simple case of humans beings. We are expected to be effective in whatever we do. Same is the case with furnaces or any other appliance for that matter.
With the electricity bills reaching the sky, and environmental issues such as global warming affecting the planet, manufacturers are asked to make appliances that will not only serve the intended purpose well, but will also be environment-friendly.
These appliances should be such that they use the resources very effectively. Whether you buy a refrigerator, television, or a furnace, good performance is what each one of us definitely looks for. This extract will cover all the different aspects of such furnaces in detail.


A high-efficiency furnace is capable of converting almost 97 percent of the fuel into energy, while losing the remaining 3 percent. This is a very good percentage of fuel being converted into energy considering the fact that the earlier furnaces had the capacity of converting only 60 percent of the fuel. So, 40 percent of the fuel would be wasted.
With people manufacturing furnaces that used about 80 percent of the fuel, this figure consequently changed. However, there are several gas furnaces and ultra-efficiency furnaces that are available today. As they are very efficient in terms of fuel utilization, replacing your old furnace with the new efficient ones would be very beneficial.


There is a huge amount of cost involved in replacing your old furnace with a new, efficient one. Approximately, the overall cost of the new furnace should be somewhere around $5500. However, the good news is that there will be a probable savings of up to 35 percent per year in your bills.
Replacing the old one will not only benefit the environment, but will be pocket-friendly too in the long run. The contractors are the best people to give you the right estimate.

Setup and Installation

As you know, furnaces are huge and last up to 20 years at least. They are installed in all sorts of houses, big or small-sized. It doesn't really matter if it is installed in a city or rural area. The gas furnaces can be installed in different areas of the house as well (depending on one's choice).
There are several considerations that will have to be considered while installing a high-efficiency furnace. It is better to let the installation work be handled by the experts, who are the contractors in this case. They are the certified installers who know the working of the furnace.
Moreover, the furnaces are large and they need a lot of duct work which is better done by the experts. As the venting and exhaust work is also done in a different way, it is better to have this furnace installed by the contractor. Based on your house and the furnace specifications, the installation will take place.


In order to know about the venting process, you will need to know how these furnaces work. They make use of the condensation process for their working. The furnace has two heat exchangers that draw heat from the combustion gases. This leads to the condensation of moisture in the gas in addition to the released heat that can be reused.
All the exhaust gases cool down due to this procedure. They are then exhausted out through a sidewall that has a plastic pipe. This means that there is no need for chimneys. While buying, understand the fact that there cannot be a single best brand or manufacturer. However, there are several other considerations that make a furnace better than the others.
When we talk about buying this device, we must understand the fact that there cannot be a single best brand or manufacturer. However, there are several other considerations that make a furnace better than the others. Read the tips below, which will be of great help.

Tips for Potential Buyers

Read reviews before you buy a furnace

There are several online reviews that can be read to understand which furnaces are the best, along with their running costs per year. In addition to the reviews, there are several magazines and guides too, that contain the details about good brands and the contractors that provide the best quality service.

Make sure you check for the Energy rating

The first thing to look for in a good furnace will be the Energy Star label. This label states the efficiency rating. The best furnace will have the efficiency rating of more than 90 percent.

Check the price

The next consideration is the price. It is better to get quotations from more than two contractors so that you can compare the prices, services offered, and the warranty periods. This will help you decide which furnace to buy.

Check for any additional parts

This filter reduces dust and other harmful particles and improves the overall furnace efficiency. However, you will need to pay a little extra for this electrostatic filter installation.
By now, you already know that a high-efficiency furnace is a good option considering that global warming, environmental issues, and the emission of greenhouse gases are occurring at an alarming rate. This will also be an energy-saving device, which means you will be able to save a lot on your bills too.