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Helpful Tips to Buy a Fondue Set

Shweta Ajwani
Chocolate fondue is on the menu for this weekend's house party, but you don't have a fondue set to make it? Before you go shopping, read some helpful tips to buy the right fondue set.

Did You Know?

Fondue, a Swiss invention, was the result of a campaign that aimed at preventing wastage of cheese by increasing its consumption!
As important as the ingredients for fondue may be, having the right fondue set to make it a hit is equally important. The kind you need, will primarily depend on one basic thing.
What fondue do you want to cook? Whether it is the classic Swiss cheese fondue, or the all-time favorite chocolate fountain fondue? Do you wish to impress your guests for dinner by having an oil fondue at the dinner table, or is it a new broth fondue recipe you have been longing to try out?
Presented here is a list of different kinds of fondue sets that are used for cooking a variety of fondues. But before that, go through these vital tips to make your choice easier.

Top Tips

  • Select a fondue set based on your preference to cook outdoors or indoors. If most of the cooking will be outdoors, then buying an electric fondue set would defeat the purpose.
  • If you are looking for an all-purpose fondue set, buy one which enables you to use interchangeable pots (ceramic, metal, stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminum) with the same base.
  • For further authentication, look for online reviews of the fondue set you are interested in.
  • At any given time, not more than 6 people can eat out of an average fondue set comfortably. So, if you are serving more than 6 guests, then one fondue set would not suffice.
  • Set up a budget or price range. A lot of varieties are available in the market, so you can select one that fits your budget too.
  • Check if the set comes with instructions and details on how to use the equipment.
  • Ask if the equipment is microwave and oven-compatible.
  • Ask if a recipe cookbook accompanies the kit.
  • Follow the instructions about storing the kit and its equipment in the right way.
  • Inquire if the set comes with extra add-on and accessories.
  • Ask the salesperson to explain each equipment and its functioning in detail. Also, try to understand the correct method of cleaning the set.

The Complete Fondue Set

Star Tip: Choose a fondue set based on the type of fondue you want to cook―cheese, chocolate, meat, or hot broth.

Fondue Pots and Their Types

The pot, or caquelon, is the most important utensil of the kit, since it serves the main purpose of cooking the fondue. For example, if you plan to cook cheese or chocolate fondue, you should choose a ceramic pot. But a ceramic pot is not an ideal option for making oil or broth fondues. Listed ahead are a few types and what can they be best used for.

For Chocolate or Cheese Fondue - Ceramic Fondue Pot

These can be used when you want to cook cheese fondue.
Cheese fondue needs to cooked at a relatively low temperature, which is just what the ceramic pots can endure. These ceramic and earthenware Swiss adaptations are particularly designed for cheese fondues, but can alternatively also be used for chocolate fondue preparation.
Their consistent design allows even distribution of heat. This is important as it prevents the molten cheese or chocolate from curdling or forming lumps. Also, the fondue in these pots tends to remain warm and molten for a longer duration.

Cheese Fondue

Chocolate Fondue

Stainless Steel or Aluminum- for Broth or Meat

Stainless steel and aluminum pots are capable of handling higher temperatures. These are ideal for stirring up the perfect oil-, meat-, or broth-based fondues. These fondues are normally cooked at 350 degrees Celsius or above. Ceramic pots or earthenware cannot be heated to such extreme temperatures, and hence, are not suitable for oil or broth fondues.
If you are running on a tight budget, these pots can be accommodated to cook cheese and chocolate fondues as well. Just ask for separate ceramic inserts that can fit inside the outer pot.

Copper-Clad Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

All-Purpose Fondue - Electric Fondue Pot

The modernized electric fondue pots have their own set of limitations as well as advantages. They are powered by electricity, and hence, can be used only with a specific range of a power source. So, to plan a fondue party with an electric fondue set in tow, you will first have to ensure that an electric power source is available.
But these pots are comparatively larger, and their temperature levels can be thermostatically adjusted to suit the needs of the fondue being cooked. Also if you are big on large fondue gatherings or serving hot, broth-based fondues at the table, then this type might just be the one for you.

Other Varieties

These small ceramic fondue pots use a tea light or candle as the source of heat. Indulge into a bit of retail therapy and buy these.
Call your closest bunch of friends together and arrange an intimate chocolate fondue party, and talk about everything as you bite into warm, sweet-salty choco-dipped treats.

All the Equipments That Comes With the Fondue Set

Fondue Burners

Fondue burners are placed right beneath the fondue pot. The burners are round in shape and have holes on them, through which the amount of heat can be controlled with the help of the long handle. Never light the burner with a lighter, always use a matchstick.

Fondue Fuel

The fuel you use will depend on what you are cooking, and the kind of pot you are using.
For example, ceramic pots with candles or tea lights can be used to melt chocolate, but a hotter source is required to make cheese fondue or oil fondues. Generally, alcohol, fondue gel, or sterno is used to light up the burner.
Take precautions of not refilling the burner while it is still in use, and make sure you store the fuel in a dry place, away from the reach of kids.

Fondue Forks

Fondue forks are used to dip the treats into the molten, semi-solid contents of the pot. Separate forks for dessert, cheese, and broth fondues are available in a huge variety. Keep extra in stock so that there are enough available for everyone around the pot.

Fondue Plates

These are small plates that should be bought along with fondue pots and forks. Ideally, the treats should be dipped in the fondue and transferred onto fondue plates, instead of just eating them off the forks. Make this subtly clear to the guests.

Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are round wooden (or glass and plastic) turntables or rotating trays on which the fondue set can be placed. These trays are used to hold the treats, dipping sauces, accompaniments, etc.

Additional Tips

  • Check if the set comes with instructions and details on how to use the equipment.
  • Ask if the equipment is microwave or oven-compatible.
  • Ask if a recipe cookbook accompanies the kit.
  • Get your facts about storing the kit and its equipment in the right way.
  • Ask if the set comes with extra add-on and accessories.
  • Ask the salesperson to explain each equipment and its functioning in detail. Also, understand the cleaning instructions thoroughly.
Buy the right equipment, indulge in the right ingredients, cook the right way, create the perfect atmosphere, and achieve the masterpiece of perfection. The perfect fondue fountain.