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How to Choose a Furnace for Your Home

There are lots of factors to consider before choosing the right furnace for your home. Read ahead to find the right brand and size, depending on your budget.
Sheetal Mandora
According to the University of Pennsylvania, getting all home furnaces through an annual service, before winter, is highly recommended. Installing a new furnace in your home should be considered only after these 4 major factors have been looked at―prices, budget, size of the furnace, and an experienced contractor.
There isn't just one type of high efficiency furnaces available in market. To my knowledge, there are 4 different types of furnaces that you can purchase―gas, oil, electric, and wood. These distinct, yet very popular furnaces have unique working systems that manage to keep your entire house cozy.

A Home Furnace

The use of furnaces as your home's central heating system is a popular choice. But at times, some people may not be aware as to what and how to purchase one that fits into their home. If you have a similar issue, then go through the given steps to get a better understanding.
  • The size of the furnace matters. Depending on the size, the heating capacity can be measured; usually in British Thermal Units (BTU). These units suggest how much heat your home will require per square foot that will raise the overall temperature of your home by 1ºF.
  • For warm climate, calculate 1 square foot space to 30―35 BTUs. For moderate climate, calculate 1 square foot space to 40―50 BTUs. And for cold climate, calculate 1 square foot space to 50―60 BTUs.
  • Next comes the efficiency of the furnace. This is calculated by Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE), a calculation to suggest how accurately a furnace changes energy into heat.
  • While purchasing a furnace, assuring that you hire an experienced contractor is very important.
  • Then comes the part of checking the ventilation system. That you can discuss with your contractor once he/she comes for inspection and installation estimates.

Types of Furnaces

Besides the calculation of heating your home, they are also used to calculate the cost of new furnace. And since there are 4 different types of furnaces to choose from, we have given you a breakdown on how much each of these furnaces will cost you.

Gas Furnaces

To estimate the price of a new gas furnace, it will depend on which brand and what type of gas furnace you wish to purchase. You can go with either natural gas furnace, high-efficiency gas furnace, or 80, 90, or 95% AFUE ratings furnace.

Oil Furnaces

If you wish to purchase a new oil furnace, the price can be anywhere between US $ 500 to US $3000. Including installation (if done without a contractor) it could go around US $5700.

Electric Furnaces

For electric furnaces as well, the prices can range from US $1200 to US $6000. While shopping for an electric furnace, make sure you ask the employees who work there for their opinions as they would have a better knowledge the efficiency and reliability of the furnaces.

Wood Furnaces

The price of wood furnaces depends on the BTUs, the weight, and whether you want to install in indoors or outdoors, The prices can start from US $ 3000 to US $5000.
During the screening and purchasing process, you need to keep one more thing in mind, comparing the warranty with the other furnace companies and types of furnaces. Certain furnaces and/or companies offer 10- and 15-year warranties. So, make a checklist of all the important factors mentioned here, and get the right furnace for your home.