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Electrical Safety Precautions: UPS Installation and Maintenance

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Energized Electrical offers complete UPS installation and maintenance services. Learn the most common electrical safety precautions through us.
Modern life. Yes, we are talking about the present times! The way we manage our daily activities. The way we start our days. The way we do our jobs.
The way we finish off our loads at work and call it a day. All these ventures, our endeavours, our life cycle, all depends and revolves around power sources.
Beyond these roots, we are helpless. We are unable to execute and move.
A complete electrical system serves as a fortitude for power supplies in homes and commercial buildings. Without these, there will be a shortage of labour production, and quality is compromised.
Businesses across the globe use electricity for their daily operations. This tells us how important power supply is for retailers, companies, producers, and consumers.
For any organisation, big or small, electrical power systems are of utmost importance. This kind of system does not only make operations easier but also saves companies from being torn down.
Its effectiveness in the industry serves as a backbone for many thriving business operations on the planet.
However, if disrupted, business stoppage or closure will be inevitable. To avoid such, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) installation and maintenance are needed. But what does it truly mean? How will it help businesses continue their affairs and dealings?
Uninterruptible Power Supply
UPS is an electrical apparatus that supports an ample supply of electricity if the main power sources fail to operate. This apparatus is widely used for emergencies. It differs from a regular generator or any power system that works only at a given time.
A UPS is also a type of continual power system such that it works uninterruptedly compared to an on-battery power source.
When an input power source fails, it will affect business operations. Here are some of the most common power problems:
Sustained Overvoltage – Also known as voltage spike, overvoltage may be very hazardous as it can cause a power surge. It can also damage appliances or devices of any kind.
Voltage Sag – Short circuit and overload are some of the main causes of this phenomenon. It is also known as voltage dip.
Electrical Line Noise – Its main causes include microwave radiation, distant electrical storms, motors, and relays.
Sustained reduction in input voltage – Generally known as “brownout”; it is the intentional or unintentional drop in power voltage for minutes or hours. Voltage reduction is also termed for load reduction in the electrical power supply system.
Electrical Safety Precautions
Safety is still the most important above all things. Compromising your safety with improper electrical functions will do no good. Below are some of the electrical safety precautions you need to consider:
1. Always dry your hands before working with electrical wirings. Make sure to avoid water in every electrical work you’ll be involved in.
2. Turn off the main power source when checking or repairing any damaged wires throughout the house.
3. Wear gloves and goggles when working with electric circuits.
4. Use a wood ladder when working with wires on a higher level in your home or office. Steel and aluminium ladders can be good conductors for electricity.
5. Familiarize electric sources at home. Make sure that you know how circuit breakers work.
6. Use appropriate tools in electrical works. The insulated types are the most used tools by professional electricians.
7. You must know your country’s wire code.
8. Prepare non-conductive materials for any electrical functions.
9. Make sure that circuit breakers and other electrical devices are stored in the right places, far enough not to be reached by kids.
10. Labeling is important. Make sure that you label the panel and circuits revolving your home or office.
For UPS installation and maintenance, following safety electrical precautions is also necessary. Here are some precautionary measures you can use to your advantage:
1. For UPS battery replacement, only professional electricians are allowed to do so.
2. Do not burn the battery. It may damage the surroundings.
3. Uninterruptible power supply maintenance should be observed regularly to avoid interruptions and damage while using it.
4. UPS contains hazardous chemicals inside. Store it in a place where it’s properly positioned, out of children’s reach.
5. UPS should be only installed by qualified electricians.
6. Avoid placing your UPS in outdoor areas. Extreme sunlight will cause its battery to malfunction.
7. If you have accidentally opened its battery, wash your eyes and skin immediately with clean water.
8. Check the apparatus for leaks and cracks, as well as its battery.
9. Ask electricians to replace the air filter.
10. Test the battery for any malfunctions.
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