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Electrical Problems to Watch Out for in Your Home

Carol Evenson
Power Outrages
A common problem that can affect your house on both a small scale and on a large scale is power outages, when all lights and electricity in your home shuts off.
The causes and remedies of this can vary greatly depending on the circumstances, as this could be a singular issue with your home or an area-wide outage that affects all homes in your vicinity.
For an incident in your home, enlist the help of professionals to assess the issue and try to turn the power back on. For a more widespread issue, just stay safe while you wait for the issue to be resolved.
Unplug electrical devices, keep your food fresh in a cooler, and keep plenty of food, water, and supplies on hand.
High Electricity Bill
If your power bill is unusually high and you do not know the cause, it could be the result of a few issues. A common cause is power surges, which are signs that there is too much power for your breaker to handle.
These can be the result of too many electrical devices plugged into one power supply.
Other reasons your energy bill could be more expensive than you expect is due to inefficient lighting or appliances. Make sure all of your electrical devices and appliances are working properly, and turn off and unplug anything not in use.
Equipment Failure
Watch out for equipment failure in your vicinity, which can involve things such as fuse box or switchgear. A major concern for this is an arc flash, an electrical explosion that can occur with malfunctioning equipment.
Arc Flash
Lights Not Working
Changing a lightbulb is an easy task anyone can do, but if you find the bulbs are burning out quicker than they are supposed to, there may be an issue involving the wiring, which would require professionals to examine.
If your lights are still not turning on despite replacing the bulbs, then this could be an issue. The first action to take would be to check the fuse box to make sure nothing was switched off accidentally.
If this does not resolve the issue, then call an electrician or a maintenance crew to examine the lights, as it may involve bad wiring.