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Door Frame Repair

Rujuta Borkar
Door frame repair seems a difficult task to handle by oneself, but it need not be. Especially not after we give you tips on the same and all that it entails. Read on for more details.
Having an especially bad start to the morn? Rushing out through the front door and the handle gives away and lands into your hands. Cursing, you still try to shove the handle back into its original place but now you exert way too much pressure and just as you're about to kick the door open you hear a Crack!
Resonating through the door. Lo behold! The door frame has given way. Beyond frustration, you remove your jacket and gloves and wonder how to go about repairing it. Presenting tips on the same.
Door frame repair sounds difficult doesn't it? It's not. If you follow these instructions it'll be like a piece of cake. Here goes.

Initial Survey

The first thing that you need to do is study the door and determine the damage that has been done. Check if it is a slight crack in the frame or whether it has completely come off. Once you study this you will know what method needs to be used. Sometimes you needn't even get the tools out.

Trim Trouble

1. Begin by removing the trim. But be extremely careful so as not to damage the paint surrounding the door on the wall.
2. Then, from both sides of the frame, cut along the trim edge and through the old falling paint.
3. The trim will become loose after this.
4. Use a hammer and pry bar to pry the trim off.
5. Do this on all sides of the door.
6.Get rid of all the nails that are sticking to the door frame after the trim is removed.
7. Select a new trim according to your taste and preference. The trim might drastically change the appearance of the room so choose one carefully.
8. When you choose the new trim style, you will need to match it with the already existing pieces of the frame.
9. If parts of the old frame are still present then you will need to get a sample that matches exactly. That is, if only a part of the frame is being replaced.
10. If the entire frame is being replaced, then you can choose a new trim altogether.
11. Measure the top part of the trim and cut it into miter (when a joint is made of two parts at a 45 degree angle so that they can turn into a 90 degree angle when put together).
12. Then, nail the top trim in its place.
13. Then, miter the trim that is to be fit on the length of the door frame (vertically).

Door Jamb Problem

Repairing the door jamb means going in depth as far as repairing the door frame is concerned. This might have to be done in cases when the home has been broken into or if the latch has worn out due to constant wear and tear over the years.
To do this:

1. Cut through the wood that has been damaged.
2. Use a circular saw or a jigsaw to cut the pieces.
3. Measure the door dimensions and calculate accurately before cutting the damaged wood.
4. Do not cut angles.
5. Measure the total height of the door frame and then cut the side pieces so that they are an inch shorter than the total height.
6. Before the top piece has been installed, install the side pieces.
7. Use nails to secure the door in place.
8.Drill holes through the frame and using a chisel, carve out areas for the door latch and deadbolt.
9. Put the bottom part of the jamb in (near the floor).
10. Then reinstall the trim and secure it.

Paint Pile

Piling of the paint over the years can jam the door and make it difficult to repair. It becomes imperative to remove this extra paint. Employ a heat gun and paint scraper for this purpose. Or opt for a chemical paint remover. Whichever method you use, stripping of paint should be undertaken with utmost care so as not to cause any damage in the frame or wood.

Install Shim

Sometimes a door will stick and not open fast. This happens because the door has settled in. To correct this, one either needs to replace the frame or install a shim.
To do this:

1. Support the door.
2. Remove the screws of the hinge jamb.
3. Cut out a thin cardboard that will fit under the hinge flap.
4. Then replace the screws and drive them through the cardboard and into the jam.
5. This will allow to position the door to be opened and closed properly.
Other reasons why repairing the door frame will be required will be in case of wet rots or if the door is misaligned.
The cost for repairing a door frame will depend on the kind of work involved. If it involves replacing the entire frame and installing a new one in its place, that is a new construction exterior door, then it involves a lot of material like the door, frame, jamb, new locks etc.
The cost of all these will lead up to approximately $250-500. Again, depending on the quality of material you choose the cost will either slightly increase or decrease.
It is always a good idea to go through with the door frame repair as soon as one finds a problem. The faster you do it, that much more secure you and your home will be.