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Declutter Your Home

Spending extra time at home can get boring. But we are here to help you declutter and let you know why you should do that!
Erin Day
To start decluttering, get several bins, large bags, or designated areas ready.
Label these things as: 
- Put Away
- Recycle
- Fix
- Trash
- Donate
This will help you stay organized and remember what to do with things.
To declutter your bathroom, empty any drawers, cupboards, bins, or shelves.
Sort the items into the bins you previously labeled.
Throw away empty containers or things you don't use.
Before you put everything back, dust, disinfect, vacuum, and mop.
First make your bed (preferably with clean sheets). This will help you see the potential and give you space.
Go through night stands, dressers, and closets. Vacuum, wipe, and clean all these areas.
Start by clearing the counters and table of any excess clutter.
Go through cupboards, drawers, and then work your way to the pantry.
Don't forget to do the fridge and freezer. Disinfect every area and sweep and mop when you are done.
Living Room
This room is mostly about organization. Start by picking up any clutter and removing anything that doesn't belong in here.
Decide on a storage solution for things like remotes, books, and games. Dust, vacuum, mop, and clean any furniture that needs it.
Go through any other rooms or areas in your house using the same strategies.
Sort items into the bins, reorganize, and don't forget to clean!
Why Should You Declutter
Decluttering is satisfying and has many other benefits!
- reduces stress
- promotes better sleep
- reduces allergies and illness
- helps you find lost things
- saves money
- helps others