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4 Common Sump Pump Problems and How to Repair Them

Gerge Bens
Everybody wants to be sure that their home is safe and protected against different types of emergencies.
Homeowners, who understand the importance of basement waterproofing in Toronto, strive for keeping their sump pump system in good working order, free from break-downs and temporary failures.
The sump pump running smoothly and efficiently adds to the feeling of safety and security. Its correct running means that your basement remains protected against water seeping, leaking, and flooding.
However, the situations can sometimes develop unpredictably because of different technical faults, electricity breakouts, or severe weather conditions.
Your home becomes vulnerable to flooding, and the emergency occurs which needs a fast and effective solution. Here, we have collected the most common issues with sump pump systems and the ways of fixing them.
The most essential thing for you is to notice on time that something is wrong with your appliance and start taking some measures immediately.
It is vitally important that the sump pump basin in the basement or crawlspace should be free from water or moisture. Keeping it dry prevents backflow and flooding.
Examine the Check Valve
Moreover, if the pump works properly and the basin is not overflowed with water, it is always easier to maintain and provide the service for the entire system.
That is why a very important element within the system should be kept in good working order. It is a check valve. That element of the appliance is essential. The sump pump won’t work properly if the valve is not fitted correctly or it is blocked with debris. The failure of the check valve results in water returning to the basin.
This excess water overloads the pump and it breaks down or works too slowly to dispose of all the liquid in case of flooding. You should keep an eye on the valve, examine it frequently, and clean it as soon as you suspect its blockage by debris. To work efficiently, the valve should be pointed away from the pump but not toward it.
You may not consider this small detail in your sump pump system but it is very important for its smooth running. It is a float. The item looks like a small ball and works as an indicator of the water level.
Examine the Float 
It can rise to a certain height when there is much excess water in the basement and the sump pump system starts working. Sometimes, debris can displace the float, and the sump pump does not receive a signal for turning on.
It happens because the blocked float cannot move to the necessary level and start the pump. This issue is rather unpredictable and unpleasant though it is quite common.
You can easily avoid this problem if you examine the float regularly. In case of clogging, clean all the debris and your sump pump system will never fail to start.
That is the main preventive measure to protect your home against flooding.
Your sump pump system can stop its performance any time and it will be difficult to detect the cause of it. Suppose that you have cleaned out all the debris that blocks the float or the check valve but the pump won’t start.
Check the Power Supply
The cause may be in the power supply. Examine the circuit breaker, the fuse, and the wires. Very often, the wires can be broken or cut in some place. Do not try to fix them on your own.
You need to address the issue to the professional electrician. Do not worry – the problem will be fixed quickly and your sump pump system will work smoothly again.
Another element of your sump pump system that affects the working quality of it is an impeller. If it is blocked with something, the pump starts producing strange noises.
Fix the Impeller
If you hear them, be sure that something wrong with the impeller and it does not work properly.
Of course, you can check your sump pump system on your own.
However, if you have detected some problems as discussed here, you should better address them instantly to your local professional plumber instead of spending much time and effort on something that can make things still worse.