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Chimney Sweep Cost

A potential fire hazard may be in the making, if you do not clean out your chimneys regularly. In here, we provide you with a general estimate of what chimney sweeps cost.
Omkar Phatak
Recommended Cleaning Frequency Chimneys connected with oil, gas, and smokeless fuel powered fireplaces and stoves should be cleaned at least once a year, while those associated with the use of wood and bituminous coal, should be cleaned quarterly.
If yours is one of the few modern homes that still has a fireplace or a gas stove, periodic chimney cleaning should be high on your priority list. Many fires are caused due to unclean and clogged chimneys, locked with accumulated inflammable materials. Ergo, it is necessary that periodic sweeping be undertaken, to protect your house from hazardous events.

How Much Does it Cost?

Whatever be the chimney sweep expenses involved, bearing them is worthwhile, compared to the risk of subjecting yourself to property damage and losses due to fire. There are professional companies out there, that can periodically undertake the cleanup job, on a contractual basis.
Certified chimney sweep, provided by these companies, ensures that you can rest assured about it causing any fire hazard. The cost depends on the degree of accumulated carbon deposits that need to be cleaned out, the height of the roof, and your location. In what follows, we provide a nationwide general estimate.
Depending on the requirements of the cleaning job, the cost can be in the range of USD 125 to more than USD 360. Typically, average costs are around USD 241. Most houses get a sweeping bill, ranging from USD 240 to USD 340.

Why is Chimney Sweep Important?

These cleaning jobs are primarily aimed at removing an inflammable substance called creosote, that is primarily responsible for a host of fire incidents caused in clogged chimneys. Burning wood, along with certain fossil fuels in the fireplace, leads to its formation.
Due to incomplete combustion, volatile oil and carbon particles get deposited on the chimney walls, through condensation and adsorption. This mixture gives rise to a black and oily deposition on the insides of the chimney, which is called creosote.
If the chimney maintenance and cleaning is not undertaken periodically, the creosote goes on accumulating and thick layers form, obstructing the outlet of smoke from the chimney and progressively leads to increased incomplete combustion. This causes even more thickening of the creosote, which is now a potential bomb, waiting to explode.
As and when, enough heat and oxygen is supplied to it, the creosote deposit burns and explodes, leading to a rapid outbreak of fire, which spreads fast, if it comes in contact with other combustible substances.
Sources reveal that as many as 73% of all heating fires and a quarter of household fires occur due to accumulation of creosote and negligence in getting chimney cleaning done.
There are professional cleaners, who perform a full chimney cleanup, to prevent such a problem. Doing the cleanup on your own is not recommended. The accumulation of carcinogenic substances on the walls could harm your health, in case adequate precaution is not taken.
Professional chimney sweepers use masks and specialized cleaning equipment to clean up and effectively negate the danger of a fire hazard. Delaying a chimney sweep is certainly not recommended, as ultimately, you risk a fire hazard. Contact professional cleaners in your area and look for the most reasonable cost quotes that you can get.