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How to Choose a Whole House Humidifier

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
A whole house humidifier can be your solution to the excessive dryness in your home. This story provides some tips on choosing the right device for your home.
Dry air, devoid of any moisture leads to many health problems. It aggravates conditions like asthma and allergies. An easy way to combat these problems is by installing a humidifier. This device adds that much-needed moisture to the room, and gets rid of all the health hazards of dry air.
However, instead of opting for a humidifier that only works for a small area, you should go for one that humidifies the entire house. Whole house humidifiers serve their purpose very well by keeping the air moist in the entire house.

How to Choose the Best One?

Choose Your Type

These devices are essentially available in three types: drum, flow-through, and spray mist. The drum type is the most basic and cheapest. However, you will have to periodically clean it to avoid mold growth. The flow-through type does not encourage the growth of mold, but you will still have to carry out a cleaning routine to prevent dirt clogging.
Moreover, they demand an additional drainage setup. The spray mist type is the best amongst the three, however, they may lead to problems of mineral deposition if you use hard water.

Identify the Right Capacity

These humidifiers come in various capacities, hence, you should choose the one that is best suited for your home. The output rating of the device should preferably be between 1.5 and 10 gallons per day, so that you get optimum benefits without much energy consumption.
You may call an inspector who will be able to tell you the right type and capacity for your house.

Study the Reviews

Study the various reviews available online once you have decided on the type and capacity of the humidifier required for your house. Look out for features such as an automatic control panel and a humidistat that displays the current humidity level and allows you to manually change the settings to the desired level.
Certain other features such as indicators that tell you the date of the next maintenance are also very useful. Go for one that has appealing features and is best suited for your requirements. Currently, Honeywell, Lennox, and Aprilaire are some leading manufacturers.

Compare the Prices

Prices are dependent upon the manufacturer. Honeywell allows you to select a device from a vast range of prices; most are between USD 110 and USD 380. You may choose from other brands as well if their features appeal to you. However, look for the quality and service offered by the product rather than its price. Humidifiers may give rise to some nasty problems, hence it is best to invest in one that is the best in its range.
Once, you decide to install a humidifier in your house, you must be prepared for periodic cleaning and maintenance activities that come along with it. Regardless of whether you choose the best device available in the market, cleaning is something you can't escape from. Also, keep a check on the mold growth in your house by inspecting the areas that are prone to mold.