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Benefits of Aluminium Louvre Roofs and Shutters

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Aluminium louvre roofs offer the best of both worlds. These louvre awnings bring the outside indoors while protecting from the elements.
An aluminium louvre roof need not be expensive. They are custom-made to suit all shapes and sizes of outdoor entertainment spaces and can be designed to suit all budgets.
Louvre roofs are operated by two different mechanisms – manually, with an easy-turn handle, or automatically, with the push of a button.
The adjustable louvres can be angled to any position to make the most of existing weather conditions.
When the sun is shining, they can be slanted to allow for dappled sunlight and improved airflow.
Aluminium louvre awnings are attached to exterior walls and supported by unobtrusive poles.
This eliminates the need for expensive, messy and noisy construction costs.
Another great innovation is louvre shutters. These can be erected on existing patios and decks, adding a further dimension to the outdoor entertainment lifestyle.
The louvre shutters are operated with a locking mechanism, protecting the property from outside intrusion.