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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffusers

Buzzle Staff
Oil diffusers help in spreading the aroma of essential oils throughout our homes. There are various types of diffusers available; you can choose according to your need. Oil diffusers are the best choices for elevating mood and relaxation.
If you go shopping to an aromatherapy vendor, you are sure to find some pretty looking clay, terracotta, candle, and electric diffusers. With the change in lifestyles and increased consciousness in the mind of the buyer, each covers a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors.

Various Kinds of Essential Oil Diffusers Available

Electric Heat

This diffuser is not only economical and practical, but also has the elements of modern design. It works by slow warming the filtered plates where you apply the oil of your choice. As the plate slowly heats, the oil is released into the air, creating a relaxing and gentle atmosphere. This particular type diffuses fragrances in larger areas.

Clay Pot

Found in a variety of shapes, it contains an opening for adding the essential oils. In most cases the opening is closed using a cork. As the oil permeates through the pot, it diffuses into the room. This diffuser is easy to use, inexpensive, and does not require electricity.

Lamp Rings

Terracotta rings that set directly onto a light bulb are called lamp rings. The grooved lip that goes all the way around it, is used to hold the essential oil, which is heated from the light bulb. Lamp rings are not expensive but the only problem with using them is that if the essential oil gets on to the light bulb there are chances of the bulb breaking.


A candle diffuser is usually made up of ceramic or metal. This type utilizes a tea light or any other candle to gently spread out the aroma around the room.
It has an opening or space for a candle and a small bowl or tray that is used for storing a tiny quantity of essential oil. This type comes in many shapes and sizes and are usually inexpensive. The only drawback is that the aroma diffused using this kind, is very light.


A fan diffuser uses a fan to blow the essential oils into the air. To make this possible, essential oils are placed onto a disposable tray or absorbent pad and a fan blows air across the pad, thus, filling the room with the aroma. These fans come in a variety of sizes, so they can be purchased after taking the size of the room into consideration.


A nebulizer is a small device that consists of two parts. One is the plastic base that contains the motor and the other is a glass device that holds and nebulizes the oils.
This device takes the essential oils and breaks them into separate molecules before dispersing the smaller molecules into the room. A nebulizer is said to supply greater therapeutic benefits as compared to other diffusers because it breaks down the oils into smaller molecules.