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Aprix Construction – a Leading Gauteng Property Development Company

Aprix Construction leads the way with its all-round building services package.
360 Degree Pro

Building Construction Delivered with Honour

Motivated for success, Aprix site and project management teams are skilled and experienced to deliver quality and cost-effective projects.<

Civil Construction – Turning Visions into Reality

Aprix delivers quality projects and infrastructures while maintaining ethical practices.

Project Management – the Buck Stops Here

Aprix offers clients a full range of services from project planning and property development stages to completion, delivering on time at no extra cost.

Civil Engineering Your Dreams

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Aprix Construction offers high-quality civil engineering services to meet client expectations.

Strict Ethical Guidelines

Aprix Constructions operates within the framework of the Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act (No. 95 of 1998) and upholds strict ethical guidelines to protect consumers.

Aprix is a One-Stop Construction “Shop”

Aprix Construction offers a true one-stop construction “shop” service.  Its wide-ranging set of professional services meets all construction project demands from start to finish.