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5 Ways to Protect Your New Home

Here are five of the best ways to protect your new home.
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Sign Up for a Home Warranty

A home warranty provides coverage for appliances and systems in your house so you can have assistance as soon as something like the water heater or electrical systems breaks. Place a service call and your choice of technician comes to make repairs. Compare companies, because a warranty from Choice Home Warranty isn't the same as one from AFC Home Club.

Install Home Security

A home security system will protect your family and your property. You'll have peace of mind that you're preventing a break-in and keeping your loved ones safe. Home security is affordable and effective, so there's no reason not to have a system installed.

Change the Locks

Before you move into any new home, you should change the locks. You never know who the former owners might have given a key to, so it's safer just to change every lock. Don't forget to choose a new garage door opener code as well.

Do a Safety Check

When you move in, inspect your home for any potential hazards. Some might be listed in your home inspection, so make repairs right away. You want to eliminate any safety issues as soon as you move in so you can protect your family and your home.

Perform Routine Maintenance

You'll need to perform routine maintenance to keep your home in good condition. A well-maintained house signals to burglars that someone is always home and that you might have home security. Maintenance also keeps your family safe from any potential hazards in the home.
A few simple tasks can keep your home and family protected. Sign up for a home protection plan and keep your house in great condition. Your family will feel safe and loved.