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5 Great Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out

Following these home renovating tips will make you love where you live and help your house feel like new.
Carol Evenson
Building a pool on your property is a great way to set your home apart from the rest. To really make your pool unique, choose from a variety of fantastic customization options. A water slide, diving board or a splash pad can make your pool fun for kids, while adults will love features like a hot tub, tanning shelf or hidden pool grotto.
Install a Pool
pool house
Upgrade Your Entryway
Enhancing your front entryway will give your guests a grand entrance when they arrive at your door. Make sure your new entry design follows the overall style of your home. To give your entryway some extra flair, consider installing a new front door. Unique glass doors with decorative motifs will create a lasting impression on all your guests.
glass doors
Refresh Your Landscaping
Updating your landscaping is a quick way to give your home a sophisticated look. Start by making sure your lawn is mowed regularly and fill in any sparse patches of grass with new grass seed and eco-friendly fertilizer. Plant hedges and trees to add new focal points to your landscape and provide some valuable privacy.
eco-friendly fertilizer
Install Outdoor Lighting
Appropriate lighting can be a great option to showcase your home’s unique architectural and landscape features. You’ll want to have stylish light fixtures next to all entryways, including around the garage door. Add lighting around planting arrangements so that your guests can enjoy your garden even late into the night.
Update Your Garage Door
Is your old garage door dragging down the appearance of your home? Consider installing a brand new, contemporary garage door to add some style to your home’s façade. The best modern garage doors feature clean lines and classic functional details.